Protecting the Public Interest in South Africa

Public Interest Legal Services include litigation, advocacy and other methods employed by public interest legal organisations to effect change and make a positive impact on lives of vulnerable and marginalised people in South Africa.

This site is a space to find public interest legal organisations, learn about the methods they use to bring about social change, and follow the impact that these organisations have made in South Africa.

Featured Issue: Basic Services

The work done by public interest legal services organisations helps to ensure access to basic services, including water and sanitation, by directly addressing local governments and litigating and advocating for these rights.

Latest News

What Appeal Court’s fracking judgment means
Ruling may lead to better environmental oversight By Wilmien Wicomb Anti-fracking activists won their appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) last month. The legal victory of...

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Sex workers speak of rape, corruption and harassment by police
Human Rights Watch calls for decriminalisation  By Zoë Postman “Two years ago a policeman arrested me. He was alone and took me somewhere in the town...

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Xenophobic mob rampages through Joburg
A group of men armed with crude weapons made their way through the inner city, breaking and looting, in the wake of police raids in...

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Concourt judgment will help keep families together
Foreign nationals with South African or permanent resident spouses do not have to leave the country to apply for spousal visas By Ohene Yaw Ampofo-Anti The...

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Asylum seekers have to wait a year for an appointment in Port Elizabeth
Appointment note leaves people seeking refugee status vulnerable to arrest  By Joseph Chirume Asylum seekers in Port Elizabeth say they fear arrest because they do not...

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Unemployment in South Africa is worse than you think
The unemployment figures in Statistics South Africa’s latest quarterly report are shocking, but 3.5 million people are missing from the official count. By Dennis Webster...

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PILS Organisations - An Interactive Map

The interactive map below introduces a range of public interest legal service organisations in South Africa. Click on the menu to the left to zoom in on social justice organisations and the community advice offices in each province, or use the search to find organisations.

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